Welcome to SOU-Parks! This space is dedicated to the continued discussion and investigation of the economic issues surrounding parks and recreational spaces. This wiki has been created for non-economists and economists alike, with the hope of providing a centralized space that can provide one-stop shopping for all of your parks & rec econ needs.

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If you are new to the subject of Economics, or looking for hooks to learn more about how economics can be used to understand parks and recreational spaces, you might want to start with the following list of topics. These topic have been expressly crafted and ordered to ease you into the topic by focusing on practical applications, and explaining core concepts that can be applied to a large variety of issues:

If you already have some idea about what you are looking for, you can either do a search for the specific idea you are interested in (example: 'contingent valuation') or you can pay a visit to our tag cloud.

Finally, for researchers interested in building a citation chain, we have a complete bibliography with links to annotated APA-style citations.

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