Barcott, Bruce. "As A Matter of Fact, Money Does Grow On Tress." Outside Mar. 2005: 106-23. Print.

In this article, Barcott illustrates the non-market values of national forests. He outlines the value of services provided by forests in the form of water filtration which provides millions of dollars worth of service. The rafting industry also provides up to $1.5 million of annual revenue in certain forests and this is threatened by the one-time profit of irresponsible resource extraction as many national forests loses their protection. To emphasize the worth of natural services Barcott cites an event in New York where, instead of spending $8 billion to build a water filtration plant, the city spent $2 billion to restore the local watershed and filter water that way. The watershed has provided $6 billion in water filtration services and is still functioning. National forests generated $125 billion of economic activity annually, 75% of which was associated with recreation and only 15% of which was associated with mining and timber.