Thinking about our "cover page" or "entry point" or "table of contents"

Chapter 1 (?) -- Why is Econ of Parks and Rec important? What are the contexts where it is used? Private, Public, and Business decisions that involve parks and rec.

  • Introduction to the site:
    • Thinking about valuation, and how it shows up in economics of parks, open spaces, and recreation

  • Introduction to the economic way of thinking
  • Contexts: There should be a little description to go with each of these. Non-technical: think of our audience.
    • local economic impact (multipliers, life cycle analysis) (covered in Hippie fest article)
    • property values (dams articles)
    • parks and other undeveloped spaces
    • amenities: in-migration, employment and income growth
    • public goods, externalities (market failure) (cows article)
    • passive use (what's a tree worth)
    • active use (what's a tree worth)
    • user fees, privatization
  • Methods:
    • multiplier analysis (covered in Hippie fest article)
    • revealed preference
      • travel cost (Crater Lake)
      • hedonic demand (what's a tree worth)
    • stated preference
      • contingent valuation
    • benefit-cost analysis
  • Applications: Build out this list
    • City Parks

Should our entry point be built around Applications or Contexts (or something else)?