Current Agenda:

  1. Write about an interesting question.
  2. Complete previously assigned articles (EWOT, Hedonic, etc..)
  3. Edit Annotations: focus on audience, applications, useful results:
    1. citation included
    2. purpose of study
    3. methods used
    4. link to
    5. takeaways: policy implications, cool results
    6. Why did they do it?
    7. Why should we care?
    8. What did they learn?
  4. Clean up tags: remove redundant, prune unnecessary
  5. Greatest Hits: continue to add
  6. Home page:
    1. images
    2. banner
    3. wiki name that doesn't suck


Interesting questions:

  • What happens when a dam is removed? (Aune)
  • What happens when we clean up a beach? (Curtis)
  • What's a tree worth? (Jeremy)
  • How do we value things? (Kyle)
  • What's the impact of a hippie fest? (Paul)

  • Think about implications for individuals, communities, commerce, environment.
  • Think about how this question provides a window into key concepts and methods (refer to Table of Contents page).
  • Link to other relevant pages on the wiki.


Article Assignments:

  • Paul - EWOT
  • Jeremy - Tragedy of the Commons
  • Aune - Passive Values (as in Existence Value and etc..)
  • Curtis - Parks & User Fees
  • Kyle - How valuable is the view of Crater Lake?
  • Dan: consequences!

Competition for gold stars and special merits:

Bibliography now alphabetized! When citing in an article, simply use an in-text citation and link that in-text citation to the bibliography! NOTE: Right under "Choose an Existing Page" is a link asking "Link to Anchor?", click it and type in the capitalized first letter of your citation. [ i.e. for (Keith, 2002) I would enter "K" ]